Our Reputation Stands Tall

Established in 1937 as a consumer products company, Portland, Oregon-based Scientific Research Company retooled to become a metal fabricator during WWII, supporting the American war effort and the world at large.  We may not have known it at the time, but these actions paved the way as SRC evolved into a nationally recognized precision fabrication contract manufacturer.  We are proud of our heritage, as well as our reputation for producing high-quality, cost-effective products.  We look forward to serving you.

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Why SRC?

SRC makes it easy to do business.  Our reputation for producing high-quality, cost-effective parts is exceeded by no one.  We are also pleased to offer:

  • Same day competitive quotes
  • -Single point of contact for all of your SRC business dealings
  • -Quick response time for all support needs.
  • -Local delivery in the greater Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.

At SRC, we believe quality is customer-defined and customer-driven.  We are proud of our track record based on consistently delivering products of the highest quality, cost-effectively, on-time.

Because of our unique blend of talented, skilled, people, and leading-edge equipment, quality is never a concern for a fabrication project fulfilled by our team.

SRC is a long-standing, expert-level, full-service precision metal fabrication contract manufacturer.  We have over 25 years experience producing fabricated mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum products.  We are also pleased to offer:

  • – Same-day competitive quotes
  • – TekSoft CAD/CAM for CNC manufacturing; SigmaNest CAD/Nesting for laser cutting.
  • – Product design and prototype support.
  • – Complete finishing services, including powder coating, plating, heat treating, and silk screening.
  • – Local delivery in the greater Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington areas.

Established in 1937, retooled and always progressive, SRC has grown and diversified over time to serve customers in many industries.  After 75 years, we are proud of our reputation as a highly respected metal fabricator throughout the nation, and of our contributions as a thriving member of the Portland, Oregon business community.

SRC shop scene

75+ Years and Going Strong

The Beginning

Scientific Research Company (SRC) was established in 1937 as a consumer products company.  Our name was chosen to give our products a “high-tech” feel for the times.

Retooling for WWII

During World War II the company’s facilities were converted to machine shops to aid the war effort and support the large ship construction and repair activity centered in Portland.

After the war, SRC remained in the machining business as well as acting as a broker for surplus war period equipment. SRC even developed a line of golf range equipment.

The Ken Beebe Era

In 1977, Ken Beebe joined the company and established the precision fabrication business for which SRC is now known. Mr. Beebe had extensive contacts with Freightliner Corporation and through his efforts the company grew to become a major supplier to the trucking industry throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Modern SRC

Mike Hollowell joined SRC in 1995, and is the current president of the company.

Today, SRC remains active in the trucking industry, but has also diversified to serve customers in the heating, electronics, molding, and machinery industries. We do the large majority of our work supporting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and custom fabricators, but we also fulfill smaller, custom project requests as well. Supporting startups, entrepreneurs and innovation is deeply ingrained within our pedigree as a contributing member of the Portland, Oregon business community. Our reputation for producing high-quality, cost effective products is exceeded by none, and we look forward to serving you.

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